Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hotel Rwanda

1) what role does the media play in our life? To my opinion, I think media play two roles simultaneously. One is the beneficial way which gives positive effects for us. On the other hand, media also plays a deleterious role which damages our daily life. In the beneficial way, media is able to spread the news speedy, also announce the latest event all over the world. Furthermore, media brings convinence to our daily life that we can always receive the news from radio, tv, or newspaper. For theses concerns, i believe media is surly a beneficial influence and invention to society. However, in nowadays; media often delivers falsely image and information. Media companies sometimes in order to make attention, they expresses bombastic writings or speeches. Not only this, media also incite people. By exaggerating, people usually focus on the wrong concept. Therefore, media can also play a harmful role to us.
2) have you ever read/ watched a news story that made you angry and/or want to take action? Yes! Whenever there's news that is saying dog mistreatment, that make me so pissed all the time. It is unbelievable that there are human treating dogs like trash. They have their right to live and they are also consider as living creatures on the earth. The sad part is that, dogs can not resist the cruelty. they are not able to communicate with humans.
3) who is accountable for the media? Every single person is accountable for media. We the population have the choice to decide whether to receive the media or not. Therefore, when news is spreading some false information, we should be able to distinguish the accuracy by our own self. Once the media is rumoring some is not true, but we still watching the news, then we are giving them credit by giving false information. The good way to stop them doing so is to refuse their wrong details.

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